You want your elderly family member or loved one to have the best care available in Texas, so you recently decided to put her or him into a nursing home. How confident are you in the nursing home’s ability (and willingness) to take proper care of your parent or friend? 

To help, Next Avenue throws up some red flags that could signal nursing home negligence. Remain aware of facilities that have no business taking care of anyone’s loved one.  

Poor living conditions  

Trust your gut when you see (or smell) nursing home residents’ living conditions when you tour the facility. Specifically, you want a nursing home that keeps everything clean, sanitary and safe. If anything strikes you as worrisome, speak up.  

Residents have lackluster hygiene  

Nursing homes should meet all residents’ basic hygiene needs. While touring a home, pay attention to how the current residents look. Is everyone’s hair in place? Is there a faint whiff of body odor in the air? Do any residents look as if they have not changed clothes in a while? 

Poor nutrition  

Elderly individuals need proper nutrition to remain healthy and happy. Sit down for a meal at the nursing home, ask if there is a food specialist or nutritionist on staff, and look over their regular menu so you know what kind of food your loved one has access to. Poor nutrition can lead to numerous health complications.  

Indications of neglect  

Nursing home residents deserve proper attention from staff members. When that does not happen, they can easily become depressed and experience other psychological issues. Take note of how residents interact with staff and vice versa. Indications of unease or apathy could mean there is a problem.  

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.