It took a lot of pondering and option-weighting, but you feel it is best to move your aging parent into a reputable Texas nursing home. Everything looked great on the tour, but did you ask about understaffing? 

Nursing Home Abuse Support lays out what happens when nursing homes have inadequate staff. Your chosen facility could care for its residents, but there may not be enough caring staff members to ensure all residents get the care and attention they need. 

An understaffing epidemic 

It may shock you to learn that a great deal of U.S. nursing homes lacks a satisfactory number of staff members, a fact that puts residents’ well-being at great risk. One reason for this employee shortage is that some nursing homes are little more than money-making machines, with owners and investors prioritizing profits over hiring adequate staff, which costs money in payroll. Those employed often find themselves spread thin trying to perform the work of several people. This unsustainable situation often leads to nursing home employees quitting, which only serves to worsen the situation. 

Diving deeper into the impact of understaffing 

Residents of poorly staffed nursing home facilities often have poor hygiene, and they do not receive the medical care necessary to feel their best. Bedsores, infections, unhealthy weight, poor nutrition and dehydration are additional negative effects for neglected nursing home residents. Your mom or dad may not have many social interaction opportunities, which can lead to poor mental health. Depending on a resident’s ability to move around independently, she or he may sit in bed or in one spot all day without the help of staff members to help them move around. 

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.