You take every safety precaution you can think of while riding your motorcycle through the streets of Texas. Do you know of every incident and situation that could lead to an accident?

Educate yourself and stay safe while on the road. See what the National Safety Council says about the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents.

Driver negligence 

While you may be a cautious rider, there is no accounting for driver behavior. Motorists commonly fail to see motorcycles, nor do they know how to predict how a motorcyclist may navigate the road. Distracted driving is another reason that motorists encounter problems with motorcycle riders. Other vehicles and blind spots also keep drivers from seeing motorcycles.

Poor protection 

If you are ever in an accident, wearing the right helmet can potentially save your life. While shopping for protection for your head, look for those that meet the latest DOT safety standards. Full-coverage helmets work best, but never buy a used helmet.

Rider age

A motorcycle rider’s age plays a significant part in accident avoidance. In 2017, riders 50 and older made up roughly 40% of motorcycle rider deaths. To remain safe, older riders should upgrade their motorcycle-handling skills, prepare for increased traffic and familiarize themselves with new bike capabilities.

Proper skills 

No matter a rider’s age, she or he needs to possess the proper skills to remain unharmed. Taking safety courses and brushing up on the rules of the road is a good idea. Also, wearing additional safety gear such as reflective clothing and riding goggles can prevent unnecessary accidents.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.