• Greg Allen

I become the Lawyer King

One of the many great things about being a personal injury attorney is that you get the opportunity to meet some amazing people. Often times these individuals have endured some horrific injuries that gives them a unique lens on what is or isn't important in life, and a NO BS approach in telling things how they are. One such amazing individual is John Reinke. Unless you have lived under a rock you will notice John from the Netflix record-breaking documentary series "TIGER KING".

I got to spend the day with John at our Law Firm office in Abilene, Texas. Talking about how he ended up in his now famous painted prosthetic legs, and why him not having legal representation during his recovery set him back financially. Of course we also talked some Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and Jeff Lowe gossip. Who could resist getting some behind the scenes scoop on those train wrecks. As in the series, it is obvious John is a master story teller and narrates his journey through that world with intense detail. We also had a fantastic time shooting some commercials...a few serious TV spots detailing why having an Injury Attorney is extremely important, but some humorous spots that blended my legal world with his life at the zoo. I got to share this fun memory with my daughter Emma who starred in the commercial and my bulldog "duke" who played a lion.

John Reinke even braved being in a funny TikTok with the girls.

So an incredible time, and one that has enriched my life. All hail the Lawyer King!

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